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added an additional Gallery at Flickr - and I would be happy to get some feedback there :)   eine zusätzliche Gallerie auf Flickr - und ich würde mich über Feedback da sehr freuen :)
finally NetTerrain is online again... took a while.
We dropped the Wordpress-blog, as that was the one which actually made all that trouble a while ago.
Maybe we´ll have one in the future again, but at least the site is online again :)
I finally found some spare time for NetTerrain again:
The Gallery was updated from Zenphoto 1.2.3 to


The Blog was updated from WordPress 2.9.2. to 3.0.1:
I´ll use the blog from now on for posting updates and info to NetTerrain and replace this "what´s new"-Page from now on - way easier to maintain.
Quick link to the September 2010 gallery updates: http://www.netterrain.de/zenphoto/page/search/archive/2010-09
Feel free to write me an email to wanderer@netterrain.de and let me know what you think about NetTerrain


Finally back again - we started on NetTerrain again. First chance to see us again would be the DUZI in October   Wir sind wieder da und eifrig am basteln. Erste Chance uns wieder direkt zu sehen wird auf der DUZI dieses Jahr im Oktober sein.
The Gallery has been completely reworked - and pretty much all off the old links are obsolete with that, all new pics will be added in the Gallery.

The remaining site will be repaired during February.

  Die Gallerie ist komplett überarbeitet worden. Damit sind auch fast alle alten Links nicht mehr gültig, alle Bilder sind jetzt immer in der Gallerie zu finden.

Die restliche Seite wird im Februar repariert.

I´ve added a blog for quick posting of WIP pics and other information   Ich habe ein blog hinzugefügt für work-in-progress Bilder und schnelle Informationen
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