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 My Link-Section is getting bigger and bigger, so up here Iīll include direct links to the section on this page. Some of them you may already know, as they are the popular kind of links. But some of them are real 'gems' and you can find useful, interesting or just entertaining stuff on them.
Oh, I used to use banners at first. But after a while this page got really confusing, so itīs back to the good old fashioned text links :)

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Terragenesis : one of the best terrain-sites on the Web, lots of describtions and How-Tos - and now in cooperation with The Model Makers Resource even with a very nice online shop for hard-to-find terrain supplies and tools

Necromundion: very cool gothic and industrial terrain, for WH40k and Necromunda

Tomīs Boring Mordheim Forum: is not boring at all, great terrain section

Parasitic Studios: very nice terrain from the US, lots of unique ideas

Orcsdrift: Unbelievable, what Todd does here with HirstArts blocks... whole Castles, Dungeons... have a look and enjoy !

HirstArts Derby at Voidgamers: the HADD feature some really great buildings done with Hirstarts blocks

Shifting Lands:  very nice terrain with Hirstarts blocks and hoster of the first European HA meeting

Tabletop-Welten: Tetlis (known from several german forums) has absolutely stunning 40k buildings made from Styrofoam

www.zeitcom.com\majgen\: Historical Wargames - They make the most authentical looking terrain Iīve ever seen ! And you can apply most of the techniques to futuristic terrain, too.

Titanfrog: very nice terrain for Mordheim, some SF terrain, too

Gidianīs Terrain: another terrainbilder from Hamburg. Very nice pieces worth checking out!

WarFactory: great site with lots of Terrain-pics for use in Vietnam or 40k jungle games

Tape and Rivets: very cool looking industrial terrain

Robertīs Gameland: very nice Necromunda Terrain !

The Millenium Gate: great terrain for Warhammer 40 and Necromunda

TerrainMakers: a OneList-forum for TerrainMaking

Tribal Terrain: neat stuff mostly from Styrofoam

Terrainosaur: a terrain site with some neat ideas and huge Inquisitor-scale buildings

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Games Workshop : Need I say more ?

Games Workshop Community Network  : Since 19.07.01 we are listed officially on GW US as a Warpgate Network-Member... thanks, GW !

Paintingclinic : a neat site for painting and converting Miniatures

Ellsweb.com: Online resource for miniature painters wanting to get the most from their hobby.  Includes hints and tips, how-to guides and articles and example pictures from some of the most famous current miniature artists in the world.

Rotten Lead: a gallery of miniatures for wargames and roleplaying from England

WH40k-fanatics: german page for WH 40k, with lots of articles and stories

Alionas : Elena paints lots of miniatures and takes custom orders. Check it out !

Excalibur-Miniaturen : Excalibur-Miniaturen, organisator of the DUZI !

Strike to stun: a great online magazine for the Warhammer Fantasy setting

Void Legion: a german site for VOID from i-kore

Foundry : incredible minis... and theyīve got the Perry-Twins, too !

Lockmar :  a complete City for Mortheim and Fantasy

RoseWar: I donīt understand a single word French, but what Frodo le Hobbit sent me a while ago is worth watching. Have a look at this Mortheim Battlescene...

Blacklibrary: A division of GW, that publishes the CitadelJournal, GangWar and other stuff

The Warp : ressource for GW gaming

Archive Pestilen: Mortheim ressource with rules and all sorts of stuff

Discworld in Miniature: how to put the Watch into Mortheim...

Imperial Literature : stories and fiction for Fantasy and 40k

John Bellīs Cutout Buildings: some cutouts for SF settings

DakkaDakka: a store from the States, with lots of terrain and miniatures pics and several free rules for download.

Russia: a site from Russia linking to me... unfortunately I canīt understand a single word :)

Lords of Conquest: neat site with free Play-by-Email games like Medieval Warlords, Dragonlords and Galactic Warlords

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Shops, Tools and Materials:

Hirst Arts: molds for stones. Build your very own castle, tower, dungeon...anything you can name ! We have quite a lot of molds from Bruce

Gwindi Tabletop-store:Very good online-shop - Sehr guter Onlineshop

Gelaendestuecke.de: nice terrain, huge range and original ideas

2 Legends: Udo makes some really nice terrain, German site

Fantastictool : Christian Dankworth from Berlin works small wonders with GreenStuff and has designed several small objects for us sofar... an Orc skull, various sized of barrels, gravestones... visit him, he designs whole miniatures, too !

Polymerics: they produce GreenStuff, a modelling putty

Busch: actually stuff for model railroad, but have a look. Neat trees, for example

ModernModels: Distributor of Busch in the UK

ManourHouse: absolutely unreal terrain - very nice. Pricey, but if you consider how many hours are in there...

EuroRails US: Distributor of Busch in the US

Noch: another model railroad manufacturer, very good terrain supplies (trees, flock etc)

Monolith-design: very cool resin terrain ! If only shipping from England wouldnīt be soooo expensive...

Micromark: is THE on-line source for hard-to-find tools and accessories for hobby, professional and educational model building !

Grey Funnel Line: Magic Sculp and Balsa Foam in Germany

Stronghold Terrain: very nice, very detailled 28mm resin Fantasy buildings by Mirco Wenning and Elmar Fischer

Thomarillion: terrain and model kits for the Lord of the Rings tabletop - in collectorīs quality!

Antenocitiīs Workshop: one-stop source for hard-to-find terrain supplies

Pardulon: very nice, very detailled 28mm resin Fantasy building kits

MiniArt: very nice terrain ideas from Gianni Matarazzo - he offers a paintingservice, too

FantaScene: UK-based shop for pre-painted resin terrain and scenery - check out the graveyard stuff!


Sweetwater-forum: German forum for games like WAB, DBA, Pulp, LotOW etc

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