How to Paint   Gelände anmalen

Just my two cents concerning getting some paint on the terrain...

I just used cheap acrylic paint, applied with a brush, from D-I-Y-stores for a long time, but for quite a while I use only spraypaints, as the handling is way faster.

Painting terrain can be pretty expensive, if you use GW´s Citadel Paint. So be sure to get some good acrylic paint from a DIY-store or from an artists supply. I got half a litre of really good black acrylic paint, which dries up completely matte, for less than 10 $... compare that to the price of Citadel and you get the idea.

Advantages of painting on an undercoat with a brush:  By using several layers of black undercoating, applied with a big artist´s brush, you get some sort of structure on the terrain. If that structure is properly drybrushed, you get really good haptical and optical effects, ie it is not nearly as clear, as what the terrain piece was before in "Real Life". It just does not look like a flat surface of a Pringles tube, but some chimney made out of steel plates.

Advantages of spray undercoating: gives a much flatter surface to paint on, with lots of time saved. More expensive, though...



ScienceFiction Terrain:
Normally I use several light coats of black, so that I does not obscure detail and get an even black finish. Then I drybrush with metallics, either silver or brass. I don´t really care about being to careful at this stage, as it is only to give the general effect of steel or other metallic surfaces. Silver takes really long to dry, especially when used as for those Corrugated Barricades, so be careful about not rushing the paint job.

Now my special "Rust"-Wash comes into play. I used an old jar with an replaceable lid to mix water, Chestnut Ink, brown paint, a little bit of black paint and some Orange Ink together. When applying this to metall pieces, they really get that gloomy look of long abandonded and possibly no longer working machines and buildings. After this is completely dry, you can drybrush lightly with silver again to pick out special detail or to sharpen contours.

My Necromunda-style black-and-yellow stripes are mostly not painted on, but printed out on a HP Deskjet ink printer. I found out, that my hands are not steady enough to create even spacings between the black stripes, so this was by far the easier option. When you have to paint them on, paint a rich yellow-orange first. Then either paint the black on or use a black Edding-pen to create the black stripes. Now you can highlight the yellow by adding a little Skull White, the black by adding a little Skull White and Enchanted Blue.

Details like cables are best picked out in brighter colours like red or green. Goblin Green is one of my favourites for this, as it is easily highlighted and looks about being the real color.

For detailing and painting the bases, go to How To Base


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