How to Base   Wie gestalte ich Bases ?

I tend to base all of my terrain and even my small stuff, like crates or Loot Counter. It just looks better, if all of your scenery has that same look to the base, and does not differ to much.

There are several different materials, that you could use to base something on:

Cardboard: It can be used for small stuff, thatīs not too heavy and does not use too much water-based glue (like White Glue) to hold on. Cardboard warps pretty fast, so if you really intend to use it, consider using the sturdier kind, corrugated cardboard as used in boxes. Maybe even glue two pieces together, with the corrugations going crosswise. You can hide the corrugations on the edges using paper masking tape.    
Wood: Use 5mm plywood or MDF pieces. It gives you a very strong base, that does not warp at all and is not too heavy. You donīt even have to mask the edges, which makes it my favorite base.    
SlottaBases: Those round or square SlottaBases from GW are great for Loot Counters or basing barrels on. They are pretty cheap, too, and the stuff just fits in :) After all, your miniatures are likely to be based on SlottaBases, too. See ?    

When you have decided on the actual base, you have to decorate it. I tend to use Bird sand and KittyLitter, maybe using some thrown-away bolter or an occasional arm sticking out of the earth...

Use watered down PVA white glue to cover one piece of the base at a time. Donīt try working on parts too big, as your glue could either drop down or dry up. Try sprinkling the KittyLitter on first, bracing it against the walls of your terrain. Then use the Bird sand to cover the remaining area. This mixture takes at least a good 6-12 hours for getting hard, depending on how much water you used and how much glue. Donīt, I repeat, Donīt try painting it earlier! Getting glue on the brush is not the problem (remember: the glue is waterbased...), but the paint will not spread as evenly and as easily as if you wait that time. Let it dry overnight and you shouldnīt run into a problem.



I undercoat all of my terrain first with black (see How To Paint for instructions).

Stones: Codex Grey and then SpaveWolves Grey. Is a bit blue... maybe too much.

Earth: drybrush with Snakebite Leather and then with Bubonic Brown. I apply some final highlights with SkullWhite.

Grass: GoblinGreen, a lighter shade of green with small amount of white and yellow in it. When drybrushed with successively lighter shades of yellow (or Bilious Green) and finally some SkullWhite for the highlights, it looks IMHO just like real grass :)


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